Auto Lotto Processor Software Review – a Scam or Legit Lottery System

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Nom du produit: Processeur automatique Lotto

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Méthodes de dépôt: Cartes de débit, Cartes de crédit, e-Wallets (Skrill, etc.), Virements bancaires;

Détails de base: Stratégies de Lotto Proven; PDF Réservez avec Instructions Inclus; Les théories du jeu appliquées experts; Le succès de la loterie à long terme

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Présentation du logiciel

Auto Lotto Processor Software is a lottery system, développé par 7 fois gagnant de loterie Richard Lustig. He has applied all of his mathematical knowledge and skill when designing the algorithm for the lottery software. The automated program also has a self-learning algorithm that constantly analyzes data from past drawings of major worldly lotteries.

The lottery software can come in handy for both newcomers and experienced lotto players. You don’t have to have any previous knowledge or game experience to get started with it. While it does not ensure that you are going to calculate the right numbers, it increases the odds of this happening very much.

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What Is Auto Lotto Processor – Creator & Algorithm

The creator of Auto Lotto Processor Software is Richard Lustig – a popular mathematical genius who manages to win 7 lotto games. To perfect the algorithm of this lottery software, he also hired 5 statistical analysis experts, 4 advanced theory experts, et 3 computer science graduates. Together, they designed the automated program to include a vast database of winning lottery numbers.

The main task of Auto Lotto Processor Software and its algorithm is to calculate and analyze lotto statistical data. It does so in a matter of milliseconds and quickly issues a prediction about lotto numbers and results. This can help players determine what to choose when playing different games. The lotto system can come in handy when going for smaller games, like Fantasy 5.

Interesting Facts about Richard Lustig:

Richard began playing the Florida Lottery in the early ’80s. Les deux premières années ont été marquées par des pas de succès. Quelques années depuis qu'il a démarré, he decided to analyze the charts and lottery graphs which compiled information about the recent drawings and winnings.

It took him some time to notice that there was a certain mathematical pattern that most of the people with favorable results followed. Lustig a également copié et a commencé à acquérir des gains petit temps. Son premier tirage a été un véritable succès en Janvier 1993.

La première fois que Richard Lustig a frappé le gros lot était en Août 1997. Jusqu'à ce moment-là, he had managed to acquire good and sometimes solid monetary sums. But he never achieved such big earnings. Il a toujours été d'avis que si les joueurs souhaitent faire de même, ils doivent mettre la foi et de la chance côté et se concentrer sur des faits scientifiques froid et dur. Un autre fait curieux au sujet de lui est qu'il est un mathématicien qualifié, rather than a regular Joe who studies lotto graphs carefully.

How Does Auto Lotto Processor Software Work

Auto Lotto Processor is a lotto robot that applies a machine- and self-learning algorithm. The more lottery data it analyzes, the better and more accurate it should get. Richard Lustig intended it to be a reliable and helpful program that can assist players of different lotteries in the world.

First-time lottery players who have just gotten started with Auto Lotto Processor should opt for smaller games. Par ici, the algorithm has less data to handle and analyze. The chances of it issuing more accurate results become higher. raison principale de Richard Lustig pour le lancement de ce logiciel de loterie numérique est d'aider les gens qui lui rappellent de lui-même dans les premiers jours. Il a également traité des dettes et des prêts bancaires avant 1993. It was his desire to show players that they can overcome these circumstances with un motif de numérotation séquentielle intelligent.

critique Verdict: Processeur automatique Lotto est pas une arnaque

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Does Auto Lotto Processor Software Help You Win More

Auto Lotto Processor Software’s algorithm is based on the sequential numbering pattern. It constantly analyzes historical data. The lottery system is patented and can réduire automatiquement le niveau de l'aléatoire, presenting players with the most likely to-be-drawn number combinations. It is widely considered that this lotto software can calculate 8 accurate drawings over a period of 3 months.

toutefois, players should always keep in mind that Auto Lotto Processor Software is a reliable tool and not a magical machine. Relying on the winning numbers and results it presents to you does not guarantee that you will win every game you play. To keep it safe, try and engage in smaller ones, comme choisir 3, Prendre 5, ou Fantaisie 5. This will keep your savings and earnings secure.

Auto Lotto Processor Price

The official website of the lottery system currently offers an exclusive Auto Lotto Processor price discount of -50%. You can get a copy of the analytical software for just $97. There is also a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you aren’t satisfied with the results it brings. Clients have not reported any problems with getting the sum they paid for it back. Nor are there any complaints about how it works.

Using it for 2 months is more than enough for players to find out if they like the lotto software or not. The Auto Lotto Processor price discount is a limited-time offer that you should hurry up to take advantage of now. The package also includes an e-book and 13 interactive videos with unique winning numbers analysis by Richard Lustig himself.

Auto Lotto Processor Reviews & Opinions

Players share in their Auto Lotto Processor reviews and opinions that they find it to be quite the reliable lotto software. The more you use it, the smarter the algorithm becomes. They say that they begin by entering the numbers that they want to use and write down the 7 last lottery games that they won. The lotto system then issues 4-6 numbers that one can choose to apply in future drawings.


‘Auto Lotto Processor is a good lotto system that can help you calculate the winning numbers for many smaller lotteries. A friend of mine got it a couple of months ago and managed to win $3,000 on Fantasy 5. He finds it to be quite reliable and helpfulJasmine Patterson, 35, Sidney, Australie;

‘If I could only get my hands on Auto Lotto Processor, I could have a better chance of acquiring lottery earnings. Sadly, I cannot get it from my country. But I have heard very good things about the automated program. It has brought a lot of success to thousands of people across the worldThemba Naidoo, 29, Johannesburg, Afrique du Sud;

‘This lotto software is a reliable tool that gets better at issuing the right winning numbers with time. Auto Lotto Processor has a unique algorithm and an excellent self-learning capacity. I highly recommend it to lotto newcomers who engage in smaller gamesThomas Hopkins, 49, Sidney, Australie;

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Is Auto Lotto Processor a Scam or Legit Lottery Software

The existing information and user feedback suggest that Auto Lotto Processor is a reliable lotto system. It is hard to trust any online program because so many of them turn out to be a scam. But this lotto software is designed by Richard Lustig – a popular mathematician and lottery winner. It is easier to trust its principles.

Bien sûr, players should keep in mind that no lotto software can guarantee them good earnings. They should always rely on their own set of skills and analytical capacity. But Auto Lotto Processor is a good way to have a helpful hand when determining which numbers to pick. Especially, for smaller lotteries and drawings.

critique Verdict: Processeur automatique Lotto est pas une arnaque

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AVANTAGES & Accès exclusif à une zone réservée aux membres VIP

The best part is that Auto Lotto Processor comes along with a free and updated version of the ‘Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’ book. It is available in PDF format. Le livre a réussi à devenir #3 on the best-selling self-help books on Amazon in 2013. Il y a aussi 13 vidéos interactives mettant en vedette Richard Lustig lui-même. In them, he gives exhaustive advice and tips, expliquant pourquoi il aime utiliser les mêmes numéros encore et encore. Users will learn how to start with small-time earnings and make their way up.


  • The Lottery Software Comes with a Free & Updated Version of the ‘Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’ Book;
  • Its Algorithm Is Self-Learning & Applies the Sequential Numbering Pattern;
  • The Program Has a Smart Interface;
  • There Are 13 Lottery Advice & Strategy Videos with Richard Lustig Himself Included in the Package;
  • It Was Designed by 5 Statistical Analysis Experts, 4 Advanced Theory Experts, & 3 Computer Science Graduates;

Accès exclusif à une zone réservée aux membres VIP:

  • Users Must Enter the Numbers That They Want to Use in the Software;
  • You Have to Have a Stable Internet Connection to Use It Properly;

Réflexions finales sur le processeur Auto-Lotto

imgpsh_fullsizeProcesseur automatique Lotto is a reliable lottery software whose algorithm was designed by Richard Lustig and computer science experts. It applies the sequential numbering pattern to help players determine the winning lotto numbers. The package also includes a free PDF copy of the ‘Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery’ book which was #3 on Amazon’s best-selling self-help books in 2013. The package also includes 13 interactive videos with strategy tips. While it does not guarantee you any earnings, it increases the odds for them.

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