4 Reasons To Play The Lottery


I remember one episode of “Friends” where Ross said: “Do you know what your odds are of winning the lottery? You had better chances to be struck by lightning 42 times!”

Well, actually the odds of being struck by lightning are a lot greater. But if the odds to win the lottery are really one in a million, or 50 million, or hundreds of millions why are we even bothering playing then? You may agree with me that every lottery player knows those odds, but then again: “Someone has to win it, right?! Why not me?!”

You are not convinced that You have to Play the Lottery…

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But we all agree on one thing – no matter what the odds are, you must be a lottery player to win the jackpot! And also, it’s a lot more fun to think about what you would do with the money you win, than thinking about being struck by lightning. There are many, many benefits that playing the lottery can bring into your life. I will give you four reasons which are somewhat interrelated. For the small investment of $2, the lottery games can give you some life lessons…plus millions of dollars.

Winning the Jackpot!

Well, isn’t that what everybody wishes for? I will start with the first and most important thing, the reason why everyone plays the lottery – to hit the jackpot. I will repeat myself – you can achieve that goal only if you play the lottery.

I will start with the first and most important thing, the reason why everyone plays the lottery – to hit the jackpot. I will repeat myself- you can achieve that goal only if you play the lottery. I will repeat myself – you can achieve that goal only if you play the lottery. I will ask you something.

How many times you’ve seen news about lottery players hitting the jackpot and told yourself: “Wow, that could have been me! If only I’d bought a ticket!” I can’t stress it enough, as people say: No Play, No Gain! Hitting the jackpot and winning hundreds of millions of dollars can turn your life around. And it can turn around not only yours, but everybody else’s in your surrounding too.

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You can do and have whatever you want. Let me give you some suggestions from “Friends” as I have already mentioned it: you can buy new friends like Monica, you can buy The Knicks like Joey or invest it like Ross.

Me, personally, I would buy an island. I am not really sure what I will do with it, but at least I will have the option to buy it.

Never Lose Hope

Another reason or more like a life lesson that playing the lottery teaches you is never to lose hope. People who participate in those games are, on the contrary to many theories, full of hope, not lacking hope. Think about it! Why would anybody even bother to buy a ticket if not hoping for the best? As I have already mentioned the odds of winning the jackpot are little to nothing.

But that has never stopped people to play the lottery. What drives you, I or anybody else purchasing the ticket is hope, the hope for even better future. This ticket can give you the golden key to the golden door. It is needless to say that participating in the lottery gives you absolutely no guarantees that you will win even a penny.

But still, can you think of another LEGAL way that offers you the opportunity in exchange of few dollars to get millions and millions? If yes, what is it? Share. Don’t keep it to yourselves. Only the lottery players are familiar with the excitement and the anticipation. Only the lottery players know that feeling of hope when the numbers start appearing on the screen.

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Persistence Reward

The numbers begin to appear on the screen…one by one…and…it’s not you! Again! It’s just like other areas in life where you have to take risks – either you lose, or you win. And just like other areas in life where you have to take risks, you have to be persistent. That’s the only way to increase your chances. Although everyone is shooting for the stars when playing the lottery, don’t forget that there are also other cash prizes other than the jackpot.

If you are a one-time player, there is almost no chance at all of hitting anything, unless you are really, really lucky. But if you play on a regular basis, the odds are going to be in your favor. The lottery players know best their odds and that if you are persistent there is a truly realistic possibility to win. There are also many ways to increase those odds. You can buy a single ticket with your lucky numbers, but you can also buy many tickets and fill in different numbers. Other options are the combination tickets, syndicate games and so on.

Keep in Mind:

So don’t be a one-time player, but be persistent and the reward for your patience will inevitably come.

Vision of Life – Daydreaming

And the last reason I would like to point out, and my personal favorite, is the daydreaming. From the very first moment you put your $2 down, you can’t help but start to imagine better future and how all your problems will be fixed, how you will live a stress-free life forever and most importantly – how you, your family and friends will be happy… forever. Those two dollars don’t buy necessary the winning ticket.

But they most certainly buy hope. Those two dollars equal idealistic vision of life. There is a question that you should ask yourself while daydreaming of winning the lottery. And, no, it’s not what you should buy first or how your life is going to change, because if you win the lottery it WILL change.

The right question is how winning the jackpot will improve your life. Start dreaming in that direction and you may actually find that you don’t need the jackpot for your life change. Hopefully, you will figure the small steps how to get there on your own and not depending on the odds of getting your hand on the big bucks.

So, keep on playing and keep on dreaming!

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