Professional Lottery Robot

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The Professional Lottery Robot is newly launched lotto system that identifies and predicts winning lottery numbers on behalf of its users. The system has been developed by some guy who likes to call himself Mr. George S.

According to Mr. George S. he has over 35 years of experience in playing lottery. Over these years, he has managed to gain a clear understanding of how lotto systems from across the world work and how it is possible for people to improve their odds of winning.

He says that he even designed a website for the purpose of exposing scam lottery systems that steal funds from their users and offer nothing in return. Years later, he also managed to develop his very own lotto robot and named it the Professional Lottery Robot.

In this short review, we have analysed what George’s lotto system is all about and whether it is a legit option for winning the real lottery. Let’s take a look at our findings.

How Does Professional Lottery Robot Work?

Every now and then, we come across new systems and robots that make big claims and bold promises. When it comes to producing results, it is these so-called systems that under-deliver and rip users off.

So what is different about Professional Lottery Robot? The information available on their official website suggests that every week their team makes predictions about the winning numbers and lets their trusted courier go out and purchase the tickets.

They input the predicted numbers on the ticket and scan the tickets carefully before placing them in a secure safe. Nobody will be able to gain access to the ticket, except the players which is you.

The winning numbers are generated after the software analyses the rules of lotteries from across the globe. It makes use of math and algorithms to make predictions about the combinations that will most likely come out.

But, the truth is that every draw is random. Every draw is independent from all the others that have been drawn in the past. Certain numbers cannot be expected because when it comes to lottery, there is no way to predict the numbers. no math or algorithms can predict the combinations and there is no way a player can improve their odds of winnings. For more who win, it is out of pure luck and not any calculation or analysis.

Review Verdict: We cannot confirm that Professional Lottery Robot is safe

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So we really don’t understand what Mr. George S. is trying to tell about the working mechanism of his software. From experience, we can say that it is a big lie he is telling to get more players to sign up for his bogus system.

How to Get Started?

We don’t recommend anyone to use this lottery service. But for the purpose of information, here’s what the getting started procedure involves.

  • Fill Out Short Form – all you are required to do is enter your email address to be recognized as a player.
  • Add Funds – as a player, you must have funds in your account to purchase lottery ticket.
  • Activate Software – the software will generate winning numbers on your behalf and the amount for the ticket will be deducted automatically from your account.

Is Professional Lottery Robot Legit Or A Scam?

The chances of this lotto system being a scam is very high. We have noticed a number of red flags and scam elements that tell us to stay away from this system.

As soon as you land on their website, you will see a countdown timer about when the next draw will be held. You will also see the number of free spots available. But no matter how many times you enter random email addresses and no matter after how long you revisit the website, the numbers are stuck at the same place. There are always free spots available.

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Another thing is that we don’t have any information about who Mr. George S. really is despite his claims that he has helped many players generate millions in winnings. If this was really the fact, then there would be news about him all over the place.

Furthermore, the images used on the website are stock images. The comments section is heavily fabricated as well.

So the bottom line is that they haven’t cracked any lotto code because this is impossible to do anyway.


We don’t recommend anyone to sign up for the Professional Lottery Robot. This software has nothing good to offer since it has been designed for one purpose only and that is steal your funds.

Lottery is a game of chance and luck and it is not possible for any software to predict its winning numbers.

Therefore, it can be concluded that George’s lotto system is a scam and players will be much better off without it.

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